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Author Topic: Multiple Orgasms to the Extreme.  (Read 8311 times)
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« on: November 29, 2010, 09:39:25 PM »

Something very odd happened yesterday to me.  I am an 50 plus female and used my vibrator just for a few minutes when I achieved an orgasm.  I stood up to put it away and i felt another one coming and another and another.  I have multiple orgasms with my partner that last about 8 minutes so I knew what what happening.  This continued for 4 hours averaging about 120 per hour.  I was in agony and exhausted but they wouldn't stop. I tried to keep still but but my body would not let me, the more I squeezed my legs together the more pronounced they would become.  Previous to this starting I had rung the dr for an appt due to another issue.  I tried to get in the car but i couldn't walk straight so I rang my son to take me to the drs.  I couldn't go by taxi or public transport as i was acting like i was in bed with my partner and the things I was yelling out would not have been appropriate to be heard in public.  by the time 1 hr had passed my throat was dry and I was gulping water.  i was completely exhausted.  I even went back to bed with my vibrator to see if having 1 big orgasm would have been the end of it.  But no they just kept on coming.  by this time both my arms were going numb with a tingly pins and needles sensation and my fingers felt as they were being contorted on my hands.  I was literally in tears. I thought of getting an ambulance to hospital but i was very embarrassed. I was feeling dizzy as well so I waited outside for my son to pick me up in case i passed out inside.  I never swear or use 4 letter words except in heated lovemaking sessions but they were spewing from my mouth. We got to the drs and because I was shaking i was put in a room on my own.  I ended up sitting on the floor cos the light headedness might have made me fall off the chair. When the dr came in I was in full swearing mode and im sure he thought i had been possessed.  I had to explain what had happened.  Still I felt so embarrassed I couldn't look at him. He gave me something to relax my muscles and then worked out that because i had been throwing up the week before I hadn't been taking my normal meds and stopping them cold turkey could have had this as a side effect.  As the sensation started wearing off i did feel a little more myself but now I am afraid to touch myself there in innocent showering and toileting. I do have to go back on my meds which i have started and I need a check up in two more days and now I am scared to have sex again. Everything I have stated did happen as I know it is hard to believe and I have never heard of anything similar to this before of such a length of time with out continuous stimulating. Unfortunately I can only use the web to research as I would be to humiliated to repeat this to friends to see if they had heard of anything like this before.
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