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Author Topic: HOW TO GIVE AN ORGASM TO YOUR WOMAN....and make her beg for more  (Read 7129 times)
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« on: August 06, 2009, 10:30:37 AM »

Am sure you are going to likethis....

One thing that keeps the bond between married couple is the love making. This is meant to bring the couple closer and anything you can thing of. Our sex organs are God’s given for pleasure.
But over the years, we’re read, heard and seen marriages pack up sooner than expected. The question is what could be the cause of this? From the men point of view, it’s complained about the passiveness of the women and also from the women is the CRUELSOME LOVE MAKING of the men. What I called the “Hard Bang Style”. It has been practically proven that almost all the women FAKE getting to the climax in love making. I.e. ORGASMS. Reason for this faking ranging from the fear of loosing the man to another and also the fear of making the man look incapable among others reasons.
The key to unlocking the sexual prowess of the women has been given to man. Now unlocking with this key depends on how good the man is in using this precious key. Therefore in this practical step by step guide to making your woman ask for more, am going to show you the power in the key and how it can be use to make your woman come as many times as possible depending on
1.   How healthy you are as a man and
2.   To what extent you can hold back from coming.
Firstly, am going to explain what the Hard Bang Style is in love making. Many men are victims of this style because they use it always. In this style it is only the men that get the joy and pleasure. The woman is left out to go through the pain and nothing but the pain. The man gets all the full pleasure and the orgasm is unspeakable but for the woman though she is going to claim to have an orgasm gets nothing. Only for the memory of the man painful thrust.
Listen a man cannot know if a woman actually faked orgasm during sex because she’ll still give you the scream, the yell and at most the ramming of her hips and body round the man. That is why after love making, most woman still want the man to get her satisfied through manipulation on her clitoris either by his fingers, with his lips and tongue. Though they seems to get orgasm through this means, it can not be compared with the pleasure derive from the MISSIONARY POSITION of love making if the man knows how to satisfy the woman.
As a man you may be thinking why then the faking from the woman. It is for the followings:
1.   She loves him and does not want to hurt his emotions
2.   She does not want him feeling that she has a problem because he can come easily at anytime during sex.
Women really get excited with foreplay. The time at which she gently pants and softly tells the man to enter her but immediately after the entry of the hard organ and the pumping starts, she gets killed and turned off. All the tingling sensation vanishes because the man is vigorously doing the “HARD BANG STYLE”.
To all men reading this article, please do this practical with me. Put your finger into your nose and with hard pressure thrust in and out for twenty five minutes. How do you feel? You surely felt the pains. That is exactly what happens when a man enters into a woman and starts the hard bang style. WHY? Because of the softness of her sex organ so a hard penis going in to start pumping causes hurts and pains on her clitoris and doing this for a longer time, you will clearly understand while women quickly fake having an orgasm.
 Now am going to explain how you start from the foreplay through to the MAIN GAME. After reading this and you suspect your wife planning to double date, why not try this method am about explaining and you will see her smiling back to be yours forever.

To complete this visit:http://www.loverealities-love.blogspot.com
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