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Author Topic: Multiple orgasm near death experience  (Read 11635 times)
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« on: August 07, 2008, 08:41:22 PM »




  Date Posted: 04/11/2005 7:40 AM           

The Trigger of Sexual Orgasm
Margaret Birkin's near-death experience

In 1993, Margaret Birkin went through an experience which was not only life changing, but which even now, years later, she can still recall in every detail. Her near-death experiences are examples of how they can be triggered by  sexual orgasms. The following is a description of her experiences.

I was 46 years old when I met my second husband Peter. I had been married previously for 23 years and raised two children. My sex life with my ex-husband was OK but nothing to write home about. I had never experienced an orgasm with him in those 23 years. We had separated and were almost divorced in 1993, and Peter came into my life almost immediately that I left my marriage.

I was attracted to Peter very much sexually. I found myself at 46 years of age becoming interested in sex again. I, who had always been shy and a little conservative, started reading books about sex and sexual positions. With Peter, I had no inhibitions at all, and I was experiencing for the first time, the most wonderful sex.

One evening, I had an experience of the most incredible feeling. It felt as if every nerve in my body was alive with energy. This was accompanied by the most wonderful feeling of bliss. As the feeling enveloped me, I found myself leaving my body.

I found myself in my own chest area looking up at what I knew was my crown charka. I could see a light ahead of me. All of a sudden I became frightened to move. I actually thought I was dying, and for a few seconds, I fought the sensation. I was describing to Peter what I was going through. I was still physically there in body, but my soul, spirit, whatever you want to call it, was no longer there. I was within my own chest cavity.

The next thing I was heading upwards to the light and broke through into the most beautiful light and place of beauty. I was so amazed and it took me quite by surprise. I found myself in the realms of what I would call spirit. I was in another dimension.

I found myself having a tour of this place. I could see auditoriums with people listening to speakers. I was aware of Halls of Learning and places of the most beautiful beauty. I did not want to return, but at this stage I started to feel the pull to go back into my body. I could not control it as it pulled me back.

I was exhausted after that experience and had a rest for a few nights. Then we made love again. Again, I left my body.

This time I traveled to what I call the Halls of the Masters. What amazed me was the black and white large tiled floor in this place. Many years later, a client would tell me about her visit to this place with the same black and white tiling. I felt that she had been with me. Her version of this place was the same as mine.

As I wandered around, I saw my spiritual teacher and Master, Maitreya. He was playing chess with someone and as I moved closer, I could see it was Sai Baba. I was so amazed. They both looked up and laughed at my amazement. No words were spoken, but they seemed pleased to see me.

As I was watching them, suddenly I moved ahead and out of their dimension, into another one.

Here I was out into space. I was moving very slowly, but I could see ahead of me an energy which is the only way to explain it. It was a long way off and I knew that to reach it, I had to move slowly. It was an inner knowing. Again, I was physically attached to my body, but out-of-body consciously. I was able to talk to Peter, albeit very softly, as if physically miles away. This helped because I could not believe what was happening. Again, after a while I had to return to my body.

The next time this happened, I became aware of the Universe itself, of space, of our connection to space, and to the Universe as a whole. I passed galaxies, and at one stage, passed black holes which felt as if they were the Chakras of the Universe. Still the energy in front of me seemed such a long distance away.

Every couple of nights I took a journey. I don't know whether Peter felt left out, but each time we had sex, I left my body and went further and further into space.

As each night I traveled further and further from my body and the earth realm, and the energy got closer, I became aware of the co-relation with the whole of life itself. I became in awe of the creative work of God.

Then one night, I came closer to the energy and as I did, I felt it for the first time. It was pure love, pure unconditional love. At this point in my life, I had never seen myself as a decent person, but this energy spoke to me in thought and told me that I was a beautiful person. It told me to let go of the conditioning that I had of myself as a person with no worth.

The love from this energy was amazing. It was so profound I sobbed uncontrollably.

My next visit, I got closer and the same with the next visit. Finally, I was able to merge with this energy and the bliss, happiness, incredible peace that I felt inside. This being's energy was so incredible. I did not want to leave.

It spoke to me in thought and told me that one day when I had finished my spiritual development, this energy and I would work together. However, I had a hard path in front of me with my development and I was not to give up for in the long term. It would be worth it. It also told me that I needed to move toward it slowly, because, had I not done so, I would have burnt up within the spirit.

They call the orgasm in some circles the little death. For me it was a death and a rebirth. I was never the same after that. I don't think I will ever change either. It was the most amazing experience and one I know I will never forget.
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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2008, 08:46:55 PM »

OK, well this ain't quite so mystical but I'm sure when there is profound love involved there are times when our soul vibrates right into another dimension. Near death? Dunno but it IS worth the "research."

This is from another site. She describes the difference (for her) between G-Gasms on her back or on her front as I suggest for a number of other reasons in my TRY THIS Technique (posted on another thread here).


Hey just another tidbit regarding the good ol' G-Spot! hehe I have noooooo idea if other women experience this the same way (im sure we dont actually), but for me, i have found that when my G-Spot is 'rubbed' vs 'poked', my O is sooooo much more intense x1000!

Also, positioning makes a  huge difference also. Lying on my back, i tend to 'gush' A LOT and truthfully my O is virtually 'unnoticable' (i really cant feel one ~ tho im feeling good.

Now lying on my belly, with him rubbing from behind me (well his body is off to the side of me) and my butt slightly raised (he can also stimulate my C at the same time) my O's are WOOOOOOOOOOW and i actually feel like im not of this earth anymore during those O's!!! Its like utter euphoria and while i gush some, its nothing like the gush from being on my back. So in saying that, i dont know if it makes a diff being on back or belly, but for me it does.

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« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2012, 04:31:11 AM »

Interesting thread.

Right now I found what I want. Thanks to this forum providing this post. :-)

I agree with the body language, when her chest looked up (this is what I saw in my partner). Also, the nothingness, as if she's not there (after interviewing my partner).

In fact, I never had her the big O in every sex session, but I'm satisfied that she's ever been there. Once, but better than not! :-)

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