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Author Topic: Female multiple orgasms VS Communism  (Read 7046 times)
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« on: July 10, 2012, 08:34:47 AM »

Recently, I found that so-called female multiple orgasms and communism have lots of things in common. So far, no one believes what I said that female multiple orgasms is bullshit, and women never have the ability to get multiple orgasms, and the pleasure women experienced mistaken for female multiple orgasms is just a series of urinary incontinence. Frankly speaking, women in my eyes are as same as the people in North Korea in the West eyes, and women drop into the trap of reproduction as same as people in North Korea can’t walk out of the great deception of communism. Female multiple orgasms is a beautiful lie as same as communism. Let me explain to you one by one. It is very interesting.

Thomas Sowell divided people into two camps (according to the Positive Psychology in Harvard open course) Constrained vision and Unconstrained vision. The Fundamental difference of the two views is whether human nature was born selfish or selfless.

Constrained vision is based on man is inherently and irredeemably selfish. Human nature can not be changed, it is immutable, and we have certain instincts. What you were born with, as species, is all we have. The flaws that we are out there are inevitable, they can’t be changed. We need to accept them for what they are, that is only thing we can do with these flaws. Francis Bacon said “nature to be commanded must be obeyed”, whether it is physical nature, or human nature. People who have the constrained vision think our instincts, our inclinations, our basic nature is immutable, and then what they do rather than resign, they channel it. Generally people on constrained view are people politically, not always, but usually people who would support capitalism. Let’s channel imperfect, perhaps flawed human nature toward the good.

Unconstrained vision relies heavily on the belief that human nature is essentially good, it can be improved, can be changed. It is up to us to do so, it is perfectible. We don’t need to accept these flaws as inevitable. People who are more on the unconstrained vision would tend toward utopianism or communism. Because let’s change the human nature, self-interest is not good, it hurts in the long term and therefore we need to change it.

In my opinion, I think human nature is fixed as same as Tal, and we have inclination, we have certain instincts that are there, and we have been formed either God-given or evolutionary given for millions of years that we have been formed. They are not going to change any time soon. It is fixed, we have to accept them whether good or ill. All we can do after we accept this nature, is to first understand it through research, and the after we understand it, make the best of it.

What is communism? I use my words to explain: Every property belongs to all citizens, nothing is private. Communist Party really depicts an ideal and wonderful society as same as the fantasy that man and woman can achieve orgasms together at the same time. There is a big question in my mind: The Communist Party is led by the proletariat, and what does proletariat mean? Just as its name implies, proletariat are the people who don’t have any property, so they only need to obtain resources to change their situation through revolution. Proletarians don’t want society to be stable, the only one thing they want do is revolution, revolution, revolution. On the contrary, property owners want society to be stable, because they have assets, they do not want society to be unrest and revolution. As proletarians, they have nothing, and how do they lead people to the Communism, it is like many female professors who claim that she is sexual expert, counseling or sexual educator, but in fact, they have never experienced a real female orgasm, how do they educate other women to get a real orgasm? Finally, the only result is misleading, misleading, continue to mislead people. There is only a shameless lie left: There is an area called G-spot in vagina, as long as the sex movement lasts enough, man can help woman to get multiple G-spot orgasms. It is as same as Communist Party said to the citizens “As long as we stick to the socialist road, we will be able to achieve the ideal, wonderful and perfect communist society.” Kim rules North Korea with autocracy under the guise of Communist as same as man rules woman’s body with sex autocracy under the guise of that women only can get multiple orgasms through the G-spot in vagina. The poor women, as same as the stupid North Korean people, still live in this great deception.

Human nature is selfish, whether it is on wealth, power, or sex, it is fixed, we have to accept them. The only thing we can do is to establish a good system, which not only can develop the good and positive side in human nature, but also can contain the bad and negative side in human nature. I think it is very difficult to change the situation based on external factors, whatever in social change or sexuality change, and the only one thing we have to rely on is to wake up people’ self-awareness.

Montesquieu said “Political liberty in a citizen is that peace of mind that comes from the opinion each person has of his safety, and to have this liberty, the government must be such that a citizen can not afraid of another.”

We have the permission to be human, normal human, not only in freedom, democracy, but also in human rights. Women deserve to know the facts about female orgasm, and don’t be deceived or fool anymore.

i am a researcher on female orgasm. what i said are all true, but people just don't realise that yet.
this is my blog:     http://orgasmgirl.blogspot.com/
if you are interested in research about female orgasm, contact me.
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