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Author Topic: I am the child in the story of Emperor's New Clothes  (Read 4404 times)
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« on: December 23, 2011, 06:07:50 AM »

Recently, I saw some news that 2011 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Lead author Barry Komisaruk, professor of psychology at Rutgers University, imaged brain activity in several women who were able to masturbate to orgasm in the decidedly unsexy atmosphere of a functional MRI machine. The scientists claim that the only thing that a woman’s orgasm can be compared to, at a brain level, is the epileptic seizure. Not only did they claim this, but they have proven the similarity through a test which consisted in scanning the brain during the actual orgasm. In short, Professor Komisaruk believes he has solved mystery of female orgasm and claims that the female orgasm can be compared to the epileptic seizure.

    I just felt very ridiculous, when I saw this news. I can’t help myself to ask one question to them “why don’t you use MRI to research male orgasm? I don’t know the feasibility of their testing methodology, but I know this conclusion the got have No Value at all. This is just a farce in my eyes like the reality version of the story of emperor’s new clothes. I just want to say all so-called experts are all deceived by fake female orgasm and that female status like epileptic seizure is not real female orgasm at all.

    Why do a group of the world's top scientists believe such a lie? The key point is that women themselves are not clear what the real female orgasm is. They always think that urinary incontinence and some water (urine) gushed from the urethra is real female orgasm. This is a huge mistake. Women have been in pursuit of the so-called mysterious female orgasm for so many years, but until now female orgasm is still in dark. In fact, women and men have the same orgasm pattern and process, and female body also has a system that keeps it from being able to orgasm and urinate at the same time, and female also require time to switch back to urine mode after orgasm mode, and after every orgasm women also have refractory period. I think unless women themselves experience that feeling personally, otherwise they have very difficulty to believe what I said.

    Poor woman is like the same poor emperor in the story of Emperor's New Clothes. They are asked to have orgasm, and asked to be normal. Such a request leads to one result?female totally confused, and they don’t know what the real female orgasm is and what exactly feeling they are supposed to feel. They mistakenly believe the feeling like urinary incontinence by men’s puncture or urine gushed from the urethra is female orgasm, because that feeling during sex puncture is indeed special and really different from other feeling in daily life. The key logic is here, X (a special feeling) is not A (common feeling), but it doesn’t mean X (a special feeling) is B (a real orgasm). I think no one would deny this logic. Woman is like the emperor in the story. The emperor is not sure whether he is wearing clothes or not, but when every body says “How beautifully they fit. What material! What colours! It is a gorgeous suit! ”, the emperor is confused too, and acts like he really has clothes on, and wishes no one can notice he could see nothing and he is not stupid and he is fit to be emperor. In fact, “but he has nothing on!” said a little child at last. Women are also afraid of other people think they are abnormal and not fit for women, before they really figure out what the orgasm is, they could not wait to announce “I can get female orgasm”, and they are indeed addicted to acting more and more like they really have orgasm.

    I think it is not exaggerated to use the story of emperor's new clothes as metaphor to women female orgasm. All people have high expectation to female orgasm, and everyone wants to know how crazy and magical female orgasm. They focus all attention on hypocritical surface of so-called female orgasm, but all ignore the nature of the orgasm, like people ignore the nature role of clothes is keeping "warm". The only purpose of orgasm is to release your body and spirit, and is not concerned about how others look at your orgasm. Women seem must have orgasm, or your husband is not doing well. The main reason women can’t get orgasm is on their own self. Women generally too care about what others say and whether men think they have orgasm, but not orgasm itself. Women only care men’s behavior, and can’t focus all attention to the sex and themselves. I think concentration on self-body is the first thing if women want to learn orgasm.

I hope this farce at Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C. can stop, please stop grandstanding. I will expose you as the child in the story of Emperor's New Clothes? “but he has nothing on!”.

I like a senior quote by Jane Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles TV show in S213.
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Give this sentence to all women of the world, and we encourage each other along.

i am a researcher on female orgasm. what i said are all true, but people just don't realise that yet.
this is my blog:     http://orgasmgirl.blogspot.com/
if you are interested in research about female orgasm, contact me.
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