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Author Topic: Did Albert Einstein get it wrong? But I am sure `  (Read 3245 times)
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« on: September 25, 2011, 08:14:14 AM »

Did Albert Einstein get it wrong? But I am sure Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey and Grafenberg were totally wrong.

   I don’t want to make personal attacks here to Freud, Kinsey or Grafenberg . I admire them all, but it doesn’t mean I agree with them on the subject of female orgasm what they said.

    Freud believed two kinds of orgasm existed: “vaginal orgasm” and “clitoral orgasm.” He taught that vaginal orgasm was healthier, more mature, and vastly better than clitoral orgasm. According to Freud, it was only later in life, after renouncing her clitoridian orgasm as infantile and immature, that a woman could reach adult sexuality, by finally obtaining a vaginal orgasm. Women who did not have vaginal orgasms were frigid.

    Freud’ theory was the culprit of misleading. As a man, how did he know that women have vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm? His theory was that he deserved out of the reverie. He guessed men need to use women’s vaginal to orgasm, and of course, women also can get orgasm through the vaginal puncture. The result is so ridiculous and stupid, and after all, Freud only interviewed three Viennese women.Then lies continue. Kinsey was coming up. The book “the Kinsey report” encouraged diversity not only between male and female orgasm, but also in female orgasms. This theory said men and women have different genitals, and of course female can’t get the strong and obvious orgasm like men. But fortunately women have the ability to get a variety of orgasms and they can get multiple orgasms in one sex (nonsense), but men only have a refractory period after every orgasm. This theory is more ridiculous. Kinsey found a superficial phenomenon to instead that he can’t find the truth about female orgasm. The result is quite serious. Until now, Women have still been deceived by so-called multiple orgasms.

    More seriously, in 1950, there was another farcical, ironically, unfounded theory showed up. In an article written in 1950, Ernest Grafenberg described a zone located on the front part of the vagina, close to the urethra, which he thinks plays determining role in reaching vaginal orgasm for women during vaginal intercourse. Grafenberg not only inherited the mantle of the predecessors, but also put forward another imagination-G spot. This theory is really an imagination by a male compared to the previous two. But so far in anatomic study concerning over 100 vaginal biopsies, we didn’t find any specific neurological characteristic in terms of what is being described as the G spot. Of course, you can’t find it, because G spot never existed. If there are really enough nerves in vaginal, why don’t women have no idea about that they have got vaginal infection and 3 degrees of cervical erosion. Another result is that mislead people thought incontinence by male puncture is a real female orgasm. Toooooooo stupid.

    These theories are all nonsense, and don’t take them as a bible. They just made guesses for an unsolved mystery, unfortunately, they all failed. The facts about female orgasm are that women never can get orgasm from vaginal, and they never can get multiple orgasms in one sex, because women also have a refractory period after a real orgasm and require time to switch back to urine mode after ejaculation mode, female incontinence is not an orgasm at all. Women and men have the same ejaculation system and process.
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i am a researcher on female orgasm. what i said are all true, but people just don't realise that yet.
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