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Author Topic: Women and men have the same ejaculation system and process  (Read 3146 times)
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« on: August 05, 2011, 11:29:20 PM »

Women and men have the same ejaculation system and process.

From Freud to Kinsey, and then Shere Hite, people have been trying to unlock the secrets of female orgasm, but always missed the truth, although Shere Hite has been very close to the fact.

    Here I make an announcement to the world loudly again, do not struggle the old and wrong views, and the only fact is women and men have the same ejaculation system and process.

    Female ejaculation whole process is like this, sex aroused, friction and squeeze the clitoris, shudder of climax (approximately less than 10 seconds), instantaneous release of some kind of  hormones from the brain so that female immediately into a refractory period. I know it sounds incredible, and it sounds like a male orgasm, but these are facts. A woman does not have any so-called multiple orgasms, whoever said they had experienced multiple orgasms, what she experiences is not a real orgasm.

    If a woman has reached a real orgasm, she would immediately fall into the refractory period, and immediately lose interest in sex, and she can not continue to help a man to get his orgasm. In other words, two orgasms are mutually exclusive, and they cannot occur at the same time.


i am a researcher on female orgasm. what i said are all true, but people just don't realise that yet.
this is my blog:     http://orgasmgirl.blogspot.com/
if you are interested in research about female orgasm, contact me.
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