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Author Topic: Why do women always like to fake orgasm  (Read 3297 times)
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« on: July 17, 2011, 08:06:34 AM »

Why do women always like to fake orgasm?

Through some press reports that according to their investigation there are over 70% women admitted they had faked orgasm sometimes, I fear that the real figure is higher than the data, even more than you can imagine.

     Why do women always like to fake orgasm? To be honest, this phenomenon is hard to be explained. As an indeed female ejaculator, I faked orgasm at least once. Here I try to find some inside reasons according to my experience.

     Firstly, also the most important point is women really do not know what is the orgasm? Even until now, compared to the unified views of male orgasm, there are still many different views about female orgasm, and these views makes women even more confused. These so-called male experts, studying the female orgasm, have their researches on the premise that female have different sexual orgasm from the male, based on their experience of sexual partners. Unfortunately, their premise is totally a big mistake. Those so-called female experts, studying the female orgasm, have their researches on the premise that several women claim they can get orgasms during a few experiments in labs or in questionnaires. I want to ask a question to those female professors. As a woman, can you get orgasm easily whenever you want? Do you dare to answer my question? I guess the answer is negative. One woman does not experience orgasm whenever she wants, she could not get the true meaning of the female orgasm. Even more they misunderstand the female orgasm is urinary incontinence, this is completely poles apart. Urine mode and ejaculation mode can’t coexist in the same time. Female also can’t have a pee during her orgasm as same as male. But the current researches are still insisting that the female can get multiple orgasms. After urinary incontinence, the woman always is embarrassed and shy, that is of course, I think every man is also embarrassed, if he is just urinary incontinence during sex, and not ejaculation.

     Secondly, women always put their hopes of pursuit female orgasm on men, and women thought they only can get orgasms by vaginal puncture. But unfortunately they are disappointed over and over again. Pleasure can be sustained for a long time, and women are misled by a series of pleasure and consider it as a real orgasm, but the real orgasm is a short time to reach a certain height, and then go to low ebb immediately.

     Finally, the women always focus on male feelings, and women did not enter their own security model to ejaculation, but Ejaculation must require a complete ecstasy mode. Women naturally only care about how others see themselves, but often ignore their own essential needs, such as breast augmentation, wearing high heels. Rather than not suffer the pain, women would like to get the praise from others.


i am a researcher on female orgasm. what i said are all true, but people just don't realise that yet.
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