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Author Topic: They laughed when I said I was a Sex Master  (Read 6233 times)
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« on: August 12, 2008, 11:54:33 AM »


         Date Posted: 09/07/2005 4:20 PM                       

Hey all. Whats up

I'm new to this forum but I have been compiling a list of sex

techniques to make your female lover scream in ecstasy. Even if you

are a woman, reading this could benefit you as well.

I've been busy working on a project and an email course then

teaches guys how to better pleasure their female lovers...of course

most of you might already think you know all of this (pride and

ego). lol just check it out and see for yourself...I've tested it

out and it works great.

I complied the course from some of the greatest and upcoming sex

experts. (givin credit where it's due, my techniques will be

further on in the course)

anyway, if you want, check the ecourse out here


it's a 10 day course...any feedback(i.e. things i could change about the course) let me


no this isn't a salespitch...I just would like for guys to be

interested in pleasing their woman more(and putting their female

partner's pleasure before their own)...once again, it's completely

free and I give out gifts every so often

...just send a blank email...

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         Date Posted: 09/20/2005 8:02 PM                               

    Well guys, I went ahead and signed up for DaVinci's (or "Kishion," as he calls himself in the emails) free e-course, and I have some feedback to offer him. So I thought I'd do it here.

  So, where to begin? First off, I would like to commend him for offering a free course to anyone who's interested. He claims his main concern is in helping his fellow man become a better lover, and in turn, helping to ensure more women out there will experience satisfaction with their partners, and I believe his intentions are sincere.

  Each of the 10 Lessons of this course are detailed and well written, and even entertaining at times. Kishion conveys a sense of humor which makes them more readable than most of the free sex advice I've seen on the Net (perhaps including my own - LOL).

  As for the physical techniques, overall I'd say they are indeed well-worth learning. I can honestly say that most of what he recommends matches my own past experiences with women from how to kiss, to foreplay, to oral sex. And he does a very good job of explaining these techniques, step-by-step by giving you not only the "how" but the "why" of each maneauver.

  So in terms of a "how-to" manual of pleasing women using oral and manual techniques, I recommend signing up for this free course just for the information. Depending on your personal experiences with women, chances are that at least some of these lessons will be very helpful. Especially for the younger guys out there who are still learning the ropes...

  Having said that, I also have some criticisms about Kishion's basic premise of sexual pleasure.

  His e-course centers around what I find to be a common misconception among men, and about women, which is that they are most pleased when we "manipulate" them into orgasm and escstasy. And therefore, we should be most satisfied when we are "taking" our partners to new heights of ecstasy.

  I, too, once believed that bringing a woman to orgasmic ecstasy was the height of sexual accomplishment for any man. When it came to making love, I often thought of myself as a master violinist, able to create any feeling or response in my partner at will, from the most subtle to the most intense, as if she were an instrument in my hands, playing out the musical notes I chose from one moment to the next. And I recieved many compliments to support my ego, for my ability to make them feel so good, where so many others had failed. In fact, I once slept with a bisexual woman who told me I went down on her better than her girflriend!

  Oh yes, I truly believed I was a "Sex Master" too! Except for one thing, I slowly began to realize that I wasn't happy! I noticed over time that the more pleasure I gave, and the more orgasmic ecstasy I invoked in my partners, the more empty, cheated, and jealous I began to feel inside. The more satisfaction I provided others, the less I seemed to feel within myself. Eventually, I began to feel depressed even at the thought of watching my girlfriend cum over and over while I seemed to feel almost nothing at all by comparison.

  At first I tried to rationalize my feelings away - "God gave women multiple orgasms to make up for the pain of childbirth," "Men rule the world, so I guess women deserve more pleasure," "it's just a cruel joke of nature, that's how it is and I might as well get used to it," etc, etc...

  None of that helped. And the better I got at making women feel good, the more I realized that I didn't need my ego stroked. I no longer cared when they told me how good I was in bed. It was nice to give my girlfriends pleasure because I wanted them to be happy, but for me their orgasms were just "hollow victories." Just once, I wanted to be the one completely letting go and crying out in orgasm after orgasm, without having to maintain control of my body or hold back my feelings. I wanted my lovers to  "make ME cum" over and over. I was tired of being "in the driver's seat" all the time. I wanted to know how it felt to kick back and enjoy the ride.

  So here's my problem with Kishion's e-course, and hopefully he'll be willing to reply:

  His course doesn't do anything to help the guys who felt the way I did. He doesn't address the penis or intercourse at all. And he tries to give the impression that if you make a woman cum enough times in the just the right way, using your hand or mouth, she'll always be totally satisfied and what you do with your penis won't really matter. And of course that means, your sexual feelings don't matter either, only hers.

  Well, I STRONGLY disagree with that theory. Because, I eventually *did* learn how to completely let go and sink into wave and wave of orgasms without having to control my body or hold back my feelings - and ya know what I discovered?


  Think about it for a second. What's the number one thing women say they want more of from their partner?

  INTIMACY, right?

  Now, what sounds more intimate -

  One partner using sophisticated techniques to make the other have intense multiple orgasms.


  Both partners enjoying and sharing intense multiple orgasms together. Literally feeling the same orgasmic pleasure over and over again, together as one?

  Consider for a moment. Women want to feel connected to their men. What are the Two Questions every guy constantly hears in a relationship?


  Why do they constantly ask us these questions?!? Because they want  re-assurance that we feel the same way about them as they do about us. And we all know what happens when we don't answer correctly...

  Well, guess what women really wish they could have, but would never ask us for, in bed?HuhHuh

  That's right. When a woman is cumming over and over again, she wants you to feel the same pleasure. She wants the re-assurance that you felt the Earth move just like she did. She wants to know that you feel as emotionally vulnerable with her during sex as she does with you. 

   But if you're busy "working on her" with your mouth and hands, focusing on techniques and goals, and monitoring her physical responses like a lab coat technition, then you're not FEELING WITH HER. You're not being truly present and sharing those feelings with her. In essence, you're performing for her, rather than sharing with her.

  This turns a potentially beautiful moment of coming (and cumming) together, into a mental exercise of control and manipulation (however tender and loving the intention may be, the mutual connection is lacking).

  Now the sad truth is, there are so many men out there who have underdeveloped skills at intercourse, that most women would actually be happy just to find a man who could effectively execute the techniques Kishion is teaching in his e-course.

  But I have to tell you, that there is a "higher level" of giving sexual pleasure that surpasses mere techniques and genital manipulation. It begins with learning to access the vast, untapped, multi-orgasmic potential already within YOU. When you can give yourself all the pleasure you ever wanted, you will have so much more to offer than a new technique, you will have discovered a part of yourself that you can share with your partner.

  Making someone cum can be a show of power, a display of prowess, or at a best, a loving gesture. But being vulnerable on the deepest level of your being, allowing your partner to truly feel what you are feeling in the moment, is a gift of TRUE INTIMACY, something most women desperately crave but believe they can never have from their male partners.

  So while I appreciate Kishion's intentions and his excellent teaching skills. I would humbly suggest that Lesson Number One should always be "Know Thy Self." And in this context, that means, "learn to truly satisfy yourself, before seeking to satisfy others."

  Offer her techniques and you offer her a servant. Offer to share your deepest feelings of pleasure, and you will be offering her a partner in an Ecstatic Dance between a God and  a Goddess.

"There is no such as thing as piano playing; I have tried it many times and nothing came of it."

- Paul Watzlawick, author of "The Language of Change"

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Dancing on the Water

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         Date Posted: 09/21/2005 10:51 AM                           

Being a woman, i want to say i fully agree with PanDragon! While it is wonderful to have an understanding and caring partner who takes care of your needs the best way he can and makes you have the most stunning orgasms, a woman (a healthy mature woman who is not just using you to get a physical relief, and especially if you two have more than just sex between you) needs more than that, she needs intimacy, closeness, connection with her man... She needs to feel her man, to know what is beyond his hands, tongue and penis. She needs not just "first you, then me" or vice versa, she needs "us". She needs to know what her man feels, to know that he enjoys being with her just as much as she does with him... More emotional by nature, women seek this Connection more than physical pleasure, i dare say... and if a woman feels happy emotionally, and sees her man truly happy, too, then even if her orgasm was just average, she will feel good. Besides, i think women are also more selfless than men, and it brings pleasure to see that you bring pleasure to the one you love and care of.
So, dear men, yes, do learn how to make your woman happy, but also teach her how to make yourselves happy, too!  A nice forum....
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