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Author Topic: G-SPOT ORGASM (S) TECHNIQUE  (Read 14673 times)
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« on: August 12, 2008, 11:41:29 AM »

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Date Posted: 06/29/2005 11:04 AM       


Quick Backgrounder

The G&A Spot(s) are a bunch of nerve clusters which trigger endorphines (natural painkillers) during child birth. These nerve concentrations are below the surface and protected. The clit is not protected and the nerves are right on the surface. Any guy who tries to handle a clit roughly usually gets a heel up the side of his head. The GSpot is different. Once it has been triggered you can NOT treat it like a clit. Beat it up! Guys have been taught to be gentle with "that " area. Yes for the clit. NO for the GSPOT

Basic Technique ideas:

#1: Make sure she urinates just prior to this. The best way to "experiment " is for the woman to relax over a bunch of pillows, face down, bum up in the air and legs comfortably wide apart. In that position with her guy either at the side, straddling one leg or sort of in the middle, the best way is with his thumb - inserted and pointing down towards the bed. If you press the thumb into the vagina until the heel of the thumb is pressing into her lips the GSpot will be right under the fat part at the end of your thumb. It's no harder to find than that. It is a small bump roughly the same size as that fat part at the end of your thumb too so it feels a little like there's another thumb pressing back. (ALL women have this - all women may not react the same way) Start to rub it. You can rub like you're trying to get a spot out - back and forth or sideways or in a circular motion - it doesn't matter. DO NOT do it too hard at first but once it puffs up and hardens, that's when you can get rough with it. She'll feel like she has to go for a pee about then. Ignore her. Hold her down. Tell her to go ahead. Ladies you aren't going to pee. It just comes from a build-up and "about to release" feeling. Just hang on and tell him harder or faster to increase that feeling. The first time or two it takes a few minutes. Once you've done it a few times you can usually get the first orgasm in under two minutes - no matter what and then repeats every 30 seconds to a minute for as long as she can stand it. An average night means between 8 and 15 giant "O's". A marathon brings 35, 50 or more !!!

#2 is: when you've triggered an orgasm, wait about 30 seconds, maybe a minute (no more)and then start again. Just as hard. Right away. It'll happen over and over as many times as you repeat it. DO NOT BE GENTLE !! Depending on what kind of shape she's in, a slightly longer wait between orgasms is wise(ie. let her start to breathe again). My friends described those orgasms as like being hit by a train. It seems to involve the entire body. If they've never had a GSpot orgasm they are going to be amazed. When you do it to them again and again they will be astounded.

At that point an option that they all seem to enjoy is once she knows "that feel" she can climb on and ride you and position herself so that the end of your erection is hitting the same spot your thumb was hitting. She can then have a huge orgasm about every 10 to 20 downstrokes and keep that up until she melts or passes out. Then it's time to cuddle. A way to help her "hit the spot" is to press in on her belly right above her pubic bone. This will in effect puch the GSpot area into the line of thrusting.

One word of warning, guys, NEVER have her squat over your face, suck her clit and poke her GSPOT with your fingers. She will cum so hard and her pelvic thrusts will be so out of control that she will BREAK YOUR NOSE. Trust me on this. To combine the two (oral on the clit AND Gspot) she should be on her back and your face should be sideways to her.

Let me know if and / or how it worked for you. More to follow.

This comes from my posts at Literotica and has had AHmazing results for thousands of couples.



Date Posted: 06/29/2005 3:11 PM     

Wow, thanks MrGGG!


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Date Posted: 06/29/2005 7:06 PM       

No .. really ...

**If you're having problems achieving orgasm during sex DON'T think you're weird or impaired. In this report only 14% of the women reported always experiencing orgasm during intercourse.TRAGIC !!!

Good sex is something you need to practise, refine and research (to find things like the REAL way to find and properly stim a Gspot) before sex ever cums "naturally" to you. Lots of communication is the key with couples and read as much as you can from people who have discovered stuff that even the best sex therapists are clueless about.

Even the researchers are usually baffled by it. One study reported that after testing 14 CADAVERS ( DEAD CHICKS !!) there was NO evidence of any GSpot (didn't find the road signs is my guess) and made the definitive conclusion that the GSpot is a MYTH!! Read my GSPot (TRY THIS and REPORT BACK) thread on LIT and see how many are in agreement with the researchers and how many wrote back with a HOLYSHEEET - it WORKS!!! From what I've read some of the best SEX researchers in the WORLD today couldn't find a FEMALE unless she had an identifying toe tag !

Genes blamed for fickle female orgasm

* 00:01 08 June 2005
* NewScientist.com news service

Is this the ultimate excuse for poor performance in bed? "Sorry, darling," the man says, just before falling asleep. "It's your genes."

According to a study published this week, up to 45% of the differences between women in their ability to reach orgasm can be explained by their genes. Despite decades of surveys and conjecture about the role of culture, upbringing and biology in female sexual function, from Freud in 1905 to the Hite report in 1976, this is the first study of the role of a woman's genes.

Its findings suggest there is an underlying biological basis to a woman's ability to achieve orgasm. Whether that basis is anatomical, physiological or psychological remains uncertain, says Tim Spector of the twin research unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London, UK, who carried out the study.

"But it is saying that it is not purely cultural, or due to peer pressure, or to differences in upbringing or religion," he says. "There are wide differences between women and a lot of these differences are due to genes."
Mixed results

Spector's team asked more than 6000 female twins to fill out a confidential questionnaire about how often they achieved orgasm during intercourse and masturbation. They received 4037 complete replies, which included answers from 683 pairs of non-identical twins and 714 pairs of identical twins. The women's ages ranged from 19 to 83, and about 3% were lesbian or bisexual.

Only 14% of the women reported always experiencing orgasm during intercourse. Another 32% of the women reported that they were unable to achieve orgasm more than a quarter of the time, while 16% never achieved it at all. Comparing the results from identical and non-identical twins suggests that 34% of this variation in ability to orgasm during intercourse is genetic.

The idea behind twin studies is that pairs of twins grow up in similar environments. So if identical twins are more similar in some way than non-identical twins, then that similarity must be down to their identical genes rather than the environment.

Unsurprisingly, more women were able to achieve orgasm through masturbation, with 34% saying they could always do so. However, the figure for those who could never achieve it was only slightly lower, at 14%. The analysis suggests that 45% of this variation is genetic.
Men cleared

Spector says he was surprised by the similarity in the numbers of women unable to experience orgasm either through intercourse or masturbation. "With masturbation there are fewer external factors - i.e. men," he says. "So the higher heritability value for masturbation gives us a clearer picture of what's going on."

The discovery of a genetic basis for the ability of women to orgasm raises questions about its evolution. One theory is that it is a tool for mate selection, the idea being that males best able to bring females to orgasm are also the best males to help raise children. Another is that the female orgasm produces movements that increase sperm uptake, and therefore fertility.

But studies of other primates suggest otherwise. Female stump-tailed macaques have orgasms too - but mainly during female-female mountings, which hardly supports the fertility or mate-selection idea.

Bonobos engage in highly promiscuous sex and mutual masturbation, complete with orgasms, a practice that is thought to promote group cohesion. This supports yet another theory: that orgasm is important in bonding.
Accidental echo

But even if orgasm does play this role, it cannot be crucial in humans. The finding that many women cannot achieve orgasm because they do not have the genes for it shows that the ability to orgasm is not a trait for which there has been strong evolutionary selection, says Elisabeth Lloyd of Indiana University in Bloomington, author of The Case of the Female Orgasm. This supports her theory that as far as orgasms are concerned, women have been riding on the genetic coat-tails of male evolution, and that the female orgasm is merely an accidental echo of the male one, the equivalent of male nipples.

Lloyd says the findings also challenge the notion that the failure to achieve orgasm represents "female sexual dysfunction", an idea popular with companies keen to sell remedies for this so-called disorder. "What definition of ?normal' could possibly justify labelling a third of women as ?abnormal'?" she asks.

Even if struggling to achieve orgasm is nothing unusual, Spector says it might be possible to find ways to make it easier. Though hundreds of genes could be involved, "that doesn't mean we couldn't find the genes and pathways, if this was taken more seriously as a problem", he says.

Journal reference: Biology Letters (DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2005.0308)

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Date Posted: 06/29/2005 7:19 PM       

Thankfully a fairly typical reaction when a couple tries the TECHNIQUE,

"Tried Mr. GGG's advice (page 1) on the Missus.
It worked - amazing - wish everything else you read on the internet
was as accurate as this link.

Totally cool!!! "

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Date Posted: 06/29/2005 7:52 PM       

Just in case any of you think this is all BS here's another few of posts STOLEN from LIT but all in the name of furthering the pleasure quotient for our ladies.

"Last weekend, after studying this tread, I tried some new moves. I think what I did different is just really applied more presure then I had in the past. I had always been afraid of hurting her. I was working it when my wife cried out "Oh Baby, I don't know what you're hitting, but it is amazing" She came really hard, and squirted .It was awesome. I love it ! Later she asked, do you think you can hit that again.
Did it again last night.
This morning she told me "You've been on a roll lately. Keep it going Baby"
Thanks !"

"My oh my -- this thread has brought more pleasure to more people than can be imagined -- I imagine. (171K Hits so far!!Jun05 MR.G)
New gushings. Renewed relationships. Wanton expressions from the ladies in your life. A great service to one and all."

"I believe Mr G is onto something here....tried this last night...had more than I could count!! THANKS so much for the advice!!! Gonna try it again this weekend!! I will have to say that is was way more intese than I ever imagined!! THANKS again!!! "

"On hands and knees bowing to Mr. GGG
Well Mr.GGG, you've made a believer out of me! ... I came 9 times in 10 minutes!!!! WHEEW!!!
It did take a little longer to get the first one, about 2 - 3 minutes, but then he just barely even had to touch my G-spot before I was cumming again and again and again. Definately the most mind blowing experience of my life... Thank you!!!! "

"Bravo Mr. G.
You are a maestro. Thanks for sharing. You have made a lot of people happy. This is an awsome thread keep up the good work or should I say G work "

"This technique WORKS!!!!! I made my woman orgasm 32 times in 14 minutes. "

"Mr G's thread ranks with the Pill as one of the most important break throughs in how to excite and satisfy a lady. (OK, my own opinion, but that's how I feel)."

"reporting back
I have never been so turned on in my young life seeing how much pleasure the girl got from that. Dammm!!"

"God this is HOT. Having my g-spot stimulated is the most intense sexual experience I have ever had. My fb and I will meet for hours, and he can make me cum so many times we could not possibly count. I can have over a hundred orgasms in one meeting. It is incredible, the best way that I can describe it is that it not only rocks your entire body, but there is also a point of almost losing consciousness.hot..............

"WOW!!!! I tried this on my wife last night, and it was absolutely amazing. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but once I talked her into it, she was very glad that she did. Her orgasm kept cumming and cumming and cumming....once I got the timing right, you can get real rough on the spot!!! I have never heard her scream like that before. She was having O after O after O. ...I am still in awe that this works to the magnitude that it does. She figures she had between 20 and 25 orgasms!!! "

"It finally worked. AHAHAH!
Today, I was fingering my gf and I made her cum ... Anyway, she rolled over as to just cuddle and she was lying on her stomach. I slipped my thumb in and she moaned a bit and then i went for Mr G's technique... This way, with the thumb was so easy i just applied some pressure, moved my thumb in a circle and pushed harder and bam. It kept coming and coming. Took her about 15 secs to cum each time, 15 sec break and then I would do it again. For 17 (yes 17 orgasms!"

OK, I guess that's enough to convey the possibilities. Enjoy.

Dr Ruth
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Date Posted: 06/30/2005 11:27 AM       

Mr GGG, thank you for sharing.
That said, I think its probably best for a woman to find out first where her G-spot is placed, before involving her lover.
Here it is the procedure to follow:

1. Squat or sit because lying down makes the searching more difficult.

2. Try first while sitting on the toilet. This is especially sensible because caressing the G-spot can make a woman feel as if she wants to urinate. Once youre confident that your bladder is empty, youll be able to proceed comfortably.

3. Put a finger or two inside your vagina and find a way of caressing the front wall fairly high up towards the cervix.

4. Apply firm pressure and stroke starting from the cervix end of the front vaginal wall and ending near the opening. Keep on experimenting until you find just the right spot.

5. As you proceed you will probably find that the front vaginal wall starts to feel a little swollen. This is especially likely if you were already aroused before you started. Some women can actually feel a definite swelling rather like a small walnut. Its consistency and size varies from woman to woman.

6. If you continue to stroke the area pleasurable contractions will start to spread through your uterus and if kept up for long enough in the right way you will produce an orgasm which you will feel totally different from that which youd normally experience. You may or may not ejaculate some clear fluid from your urinary passage.
Good luck, girls!
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