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1  Female Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Female Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Love story about 100 orgasms everyday for six years- lots to discuss, just ask on: November 17, 2011, 12:52:44 PM
New post: 11-16-11
The following is a lot more sexually graphic. I would like to describe what usually happens in a love session. It always starts with her giving me oral. Now, you might say that’s pretty standard and it is, but for us it isn’t. She almost always starts with two dozen orgasms just by her giving me oral (no one touches her vagina) so it’s not like I have to ask for it, sometimes it’s three dozen. These aren’t baby orgasms either. On occasion, she will get hemorrhoids they are so strong. At this point my penis is numb so it stays erect for four or more hours after cumming the first time. This isn’t hard to do, because I experience extreme and constant butterflies so I’m constantly turned on to the max and so is she, who wouldn’t be! After oral love making we go in all different directions. The following has happened several times…when we make love for more than four hours her whole body turns beet red from non stop orgasms, by now a hundred or more. I usually have to stop her because I get very worried. So we get into a cold shower to bring her body temp to normal and go back do another hundred. If we hadn’t been the best shape of our lives we never could of done this. This happened after about the second year into our new love making…that’s why we were in shape.
I see a lot of questions on line about female ejaculation. I first experienced it about thirty years ago. Back when no one ever heard of the term. I laid my friend on her dinner table with her legs hanging off. I pulled a chair up and began to have oral sex with her. When she had reached orgasm I noticed something running down her legs. I had no idea what it was then or for years later. I thought she had to go to the bathroom really bad and didn’t
tell me. I apologized and promised her next time we got together I would make sure I was considerate enough to ask if she needed to go first. I’m so embarrassed now! I had “wild thing” thirty years ago and never knew it. She had a very abusive husband that left her because she didn’t like sex and was always dry and couldn’t get an orgasm.
What a fool he was! She was the wettest most orgasmic woman I had ever met up to that point in my life.
Female ejaculation up close and personal…The woman I was with at the time had her first squirt when I was giving her oral sex. It shot all the way to the back of my throat in one huge squirt. I was stunned and couldn’t move, breath or talk. I remember telling myself that I had to remember exactly what it was like…it smelled like concentrated sweat (almost skunk like) the taste is what I’ll never forget. 33%. was very salty, 33% tasted very sour (like dill) and 33% was very acidic. The color was “whitish grey” like dirty dish water. As she continued to squirt with more orgasms it became more clear and finally water like with no taste or smell. She could then squirt at will. Choosing to do it or not. One time driving to Las Vegas at night, she got nude and masturbated in the front seat reaching 64 orgasms and filling up the front floorboard with ejaculate. Any time we would drive more than an hour she would do this even in the day time. I loved it!
Anal sex…been with a few girls that liked it. Mostly it’s an “in the moment” kind of a thing. Can women get anal orgasms…yes. However, we opted not to do it that often simply because we were always doing all kinds of other positions and once you do anal the female can get a very easy vaginal infection. Besides, if a woman can do multiple orgasms her vaginal muscles become so tight that while aroused it becomes tighter than the anus. So, what would be the point?
I found two other places on a female that if stimulated, in the right frame of mind, can orgasm.
Can a woman have an orgasm through stimulating her breasts…yes!
Can a woman have an orgasm through phone sex…yes, multiple
Can a woman have an orgasm without touching herself…yes, multiple!
I can honestly say that I have had the absolute best sex of anyone on the planet!
I’m not bragging… I’m rejoicing!
2  Female Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Female Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Love story about 100 orgasms everyday for six years- lots to discuss, just ask on: October 25, 2011, 01:06:01 PM
Everyone has a story, this is mine and it’s true. I only ask that you keep an open mind, because your entire belief system is going to be challenged. Just keep remembering the “four minute mile”. One man changed the world’s belief system, now we all can run a four-minute mile if we want too. This one man didn’t show us how special he was, he showed us how special we all are and have been all along. In 1990 I began an affair and after the first year my girlfriend began getting over 100 orgasms every time we made love. This went on for almost 6 years, almost everyday. I was 43 when we met, she was 39 and had been married three times, with three kids, same as me, and never had an orgasm through intercourse. She believed she couldn’t and I believed that some women can and some can’t, that’s life. I was married (not at the time) to a woman for 16 years and she couldn’t either so I didn’t think much about it at all. A year in to our relationship things began to change until one day “it” happened, we were both in shock and delighted. After 6 marriages between us, we were very intrigued as to how it happened and why now. We both experienced something new about sex that was unfamiliar to us. We kept growing in this new dynamic, which allowed us to enter into a higher level of sexuality. That’s when the multiple orgasms started. We did nothing weird or kinky. It's not that we wouldn't or couldn't, just didn't have to. The drawback to weird or kinky is that the next time you want to do it, the wife doesn't. The more you remind her of what she did, the more she doesn't want to talk about it. With 100 O's there is no argument or coaxing, you are both on the same page every time. About a year after our first orgasm through intercourse she could now reach over one hundred orgasms every time we made love and sometimes we made love twice in one day. One four-day weekend she had well over seven hundred. All we did was change our belief system with new truths about love, sex, trust, intimacy, time together, male and female. In 1995 I was a successful high-end home builder making over a half million dollars a year when a back injury put me behind a computer. You could say my research into this has cost me personally, over five million dollars income and over 10 years of my life. There’s nothing on the internet on this dynamic or 100 orgasms. Take any search engine on the Internet and key in “multiple orgasms” and see for yourself. My wife and I know how it happens and we don’t mind sharing what we know but the real reason for this letter isn’t about getting orgasms. It’s what comes next that rocks your world! Remember “The Wizard of Oz”, when the house landed, the door opens and you see a new world in color. That’s exactly how you feel because you quickly see how powerful and life changing it really is. You have to re-think everything because old beliefs are still telling you it’s impossible. You soon realize that it isn’t you or your partner that’s so great in bed, it’s the relationship that’s great in bed. Then you realize it can happen for any couple. My wife and I are average normal people with all the negativity, self-doubt, low self-image, inferiorities, inadequacies and insecurities that everyone else has. After 6 failed marriages between us we had our share. Now imagine all the negatives, self dought, and inadequacies that have been apart of your lifes belief system are gone! They’re gone at work with your peer’s, in your own mind and in the bedroom. Especially the bedroom! You’re simply not that person anymore and neither is the one you love! What’s really interesting is that neither one of you can be this way with anyone but each other. Infidelity becomes obsolete! All the reasons for an affair or thinking of past loves no longer exist, why would they? This new concept in lovemaking is very unique. You have to begin with the one you love and/or trust the most, the closer the better. This is because of the depth of communication and honesty needed. To get the most and best sex you’ve ever had or ever will, you can only “be” with one person. First of all, you wouldn't have enough time or energy for more than one...plus, if you are a man that can give your woman 100+ orgasms or a woman that has a man who can give a 100...who's going to turn your head? You can't get there with anyone else. If you’re concerned about becoming bored or you need variety in a relationship, I assure you, boredom or variety will never become an issue. Orgasms occur in any position, any place, anytime no matter what you do. Once you "inter in" to that special place, "your mind" the world stops for 2 to 4 hours and it's never the same. It’s a totally new adventure every time. After, you can't talk for at least an hour...all you can do is think about what just happened in disbelief. Instead of picturing multiple orgasms, picture the moments of closeness, intimacy, trust, security and oneness just after making love. I’m not saying you can’t feel that way now in your present relationship, I’m saying, you can’t get 100 orgasms (if that’s what you want) without these attributes, plus new truths and realizations. The orgasms are just a bi-product of a deeper communication and understanding in the relationship. It doesn’t matter what you buy, try, take, subscribe to, stop, start or use. It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy, educated, powerful, good-looking, thin, hard body, large breasted, or hung. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rock star, movie star, porn star, sex symbol, billionaire or president. It doesn’t matter if you find one person with all these attributes, it still won’t necessarily produce one orgasm or insure a good relationship. Once you have that special someone, it’s the “depth” of the relationship between the two people that will determine everything in that relationship. People try everything under the sun to be more attractive and have a better sex life so as to enhance a relationship, yet choose to ignore important issues “in” the relationship. Ever heard… “after a few months, the honeymoon’s over”. If someone had told me, at any point in my life, that a relationship like the one I just wrote about existed, I know my life would have been very different, just knowing. Divorce, affairs, broken children, drug abuse, financial ruin, depression, ill health and the constant stress over your own personal physical and sexual inadequacies have no place in a great relationship.This is not an easy letter to write to strangers, but it’s a “True Life” story, love story, that could benefit couples no matter what they do with the information. Obviously the information in this letter will be difficult to document, but don’t think it isn’t true. There’s no way you can take me serious unless you have all your questions answered satisfactorily. That’s why I wrote this, plus the fact that I’m going to be 65 years old. Don’t want to die before passing this on. Can you imagine the implications in this? Would there be less divorce, infidelity, spouse abuse, teen pregnancies or aids? I believe there would be less, in time. Today’s young people need something to hold on to when asking parents about sex. As a parent, how would like to tell your teens, truthfully, that all they’ve heard or will hear about sex is nothing compared to what they can experience with one right relationship with one right person. Abstaining from casual sex is a smart thing, cuts down on the rust too. I honestly believe this should be taught in all school sex education. What’s being taught now is obsolete and damn sure ain’t working. I hope I haven’t offended anyone with the contents of this post. Please read it with the understanding that I am sharing a very “intimate love story”. If it was just a sex story, I never would have written it. I really just don’t know what to do with the information. Yes, I know how hard it is to believe…
I wouldn’t believe it either.
Yet there’s still a lot of stuff I haven’t written about that’s harder to believe than what you just read. OK…so now what? What would you do with the information? Really!
To prove it, I’d even be willing to do a reality show or documentary with a dozen couples. Half female couples and half straight couples. The ultimate reality show. I think the world is ready for one. Wouldn’t you like to see a reality show where couples are instructed on what to do for that week. The following week they talk about how it’s going. 
I can’t take a survey of thousands or even millions of people because I don’t know of anyone else that has experienced it. Maybe there is a lot of couples that can, and like me, no one believes them so they don’t talk about it. Like I said, I‘ve looked since 1994 on the internet…there’s nothing! What’s your suggestions? It’s too unbelievable without some way of proving it. I know this sounds like I’m nuts, but if you believe what you just read is true, and it is, then you must realize how huge this really is. It’s hard to imagine the implication’s because, like me in the beginning, it’s hard to get your head around it…
Didn't use Viagra or anyother sex drugs, legal or illegal. They weren’t around back then.
Ther is a place, that we all know exsists inside of us. A beautiful, magical place where you can go and “be”.
The love story is… the person you love wants to “be” with you.
Your response is appreciated,
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