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1  Female Multiple Orgasm Forum / General Discussion / Re: Poll: Types of orgasms on: November 14, 2009, 08:17:29 AM
Interesting topic!

As Annie Sprinkle famously illustrated, it's possible to orgasm with no physical stimulation whatsoever - in her case, just from breathing.

(I have a theory tho' - Annie is a sexual athlete, and probably has very well developed vagina muscle strength & control. During the "power breathing" which brought her up to orgasm she MAY have sympathetically contracted her sex muscles, stimulating her G-spot. Just an idea...)

It's also possible for men & women orgasm when awake or  asleep, from sexual imagination.

Anal orgasm - pretty rare IME. Men can experience it from prostate stimulation. Women also - Is it the A-spot described by Mr G, or stimulation of the Gspot through he vaginal wall? I know from experience that fingers in a woman's anus can stroke her G-spot and cause orgasm. Presumably under the right conditions anal intercourse with a penis can do this also? - or is she just getting-off on the psychological "naughtiness" of it all?  ;o)

Thanks for yer time
2  Female Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Female Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: The female orgasm on: November 14, 2009, 07:47:12 AM
Mr G's -
"The difference between clitoral and GSpot orgasms is that the clit generally gets OVERsensitive right after orgasm. That means it has to be left alone for several minutes because even looking at it funny will cause her to smack you up the side of the head. It is THAT sensitive.

The GSPOT is deeper and needs to be pummeled. It does NOT become too sensitive to touch right after a G-Gasms so the trick here is to get the GSpot stimulated properly, give her a massive G-Gasms, wait 15 seconds to a minute (no more) and then repeat the motion. She will have another massive G-Gasm. Repeat again and the same thing happens. This will go on for as long as she can stand. It is truly life altering for those who have never done this before. "

Yep - nature gave us a HUGE gift here!

Lot's of women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation, but afterwards it is too sensitive for further attention for a while and the down-side is that her arousal subsides and further orgasms have to be "worked for" basically from scratch.

However after a clitoral orgasm the G-spot is very accepting of stimulation, and arousal is maintained. I think it was Dr Bauer in his book "Extended Sexual orgasm" who suggested alternative clitoral and G-spot stimulation for successive orgasms.

In my journey through serial monogamy I have had several long-term partners who when I met them believed that they "have no G-spot". However my experience with ALL of them is that after several weeks/months of regular G-spot stimulation their periurethral area (G-spot) became more sensitive to stimulation; more swollen when aroused; and produced more arousal and (sometimes!) orgasms. I'm told (by Dr John Perry - author of "The G-spot") that the G-spot is served by a different set of nerves than the clitoris, and that is why resulting orgasms are experienced differently. This G-spot nerve system has to "booted-up"!

Thanks for yer time
3  The Multiple Orgasm Exchange / The Multiple Orgasm Exchange / Orgasmic Suggestion on: November 14, 2009, 07:19:46 AM
Hi all - I'm a Newbie and this is my maiden message here.

My search found five years ago PanDragon posted that hypnosis may be able to increase orgasmic capability. I'd go much further than that and say that a degree of trance state is ESSENTIAL to orgasm.

Some time ago I attended training courses to become a hypnotherapist. Although I never put it into professional practice, the knowledge I gained on the course, and resulting life experiences I have had since have been invaluable.

Before taking the course in my 40's I had been fascinated by what causes arousal and orgasm - why were some women more easily aroused and orgasmically capable than others? One day during the course the tutor carried out a typical example hypnosis on a lady from the class. He sat next to her as she laid on a couch and gently talked her through induction into a trance. Watching this it was almost embarrassingly obvious that it was parallel to seduction! - and then almost immediately I had the reciprocal realisation that Arousal Is A Trance State. - And here I was being trained how to do it! It was life changing.

I tried to discuss my realisation with the tutor during a break, but he went into aloof professional mode and said "Well I'm not sure about that" - and gave me a wry smile.

I now regularly use informal hypnotic induction and suggestion to increase my partner's mental and physical arousal (wetness, sensitivity of clitoris, fantasy scenarios etc) and orgasmic capacity. Using this technique it's easy for women to "orgasm on demand" - a typical suggestion might be that I'm going to count to 10 in time with your breathing, and with each breath you will get more horny and closer to orgasm, and when I say 10 you will have a wonderful intense orgasm that will go on for as long as YOU want it to.

Basically when in a trance we will do or imagine anything we WANT to, and most women WANT to orgasm - right?

A technique for producing multiple orgasms - and infinitely climbing arousal, is to get her too imagine that she's slowly climbing a beautiful staircase or arousal, and that each step is an orgasm. After cumming her arousal does NOT go back to rest-state, but climbs with the next orgasm - again & again & again. This can have astounding results in my experience.

Orgasm starts and finishes in the brain.

If anybody wants to know more about this subject please ask in reply.

Many thanks

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