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1  Female Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Female Multiple Orgasm Main Board / soooooooo many on: November 11, 2009, 05:02:10 PM
i am 72 yrs old and for 15 yrs have been disinterested in sex; i now find myself having unbelievably 200 orgasms at a time; last time it lasted 2 1/2 hours; i would occasionally doze off and waken in the midst of the next orgasm

unlike when i was younger when once i orgasmed i could not be touched on my clitoris because of extreme sensitivity, if i wait 60 seconds or so, there i go again, or rather, here i come again ;-)

anyone else out there have such a remarkable and bizarre experience?

trying to figure out if this is the result of a very rare ca i have that produces esoteric hormones
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