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Title: Im messed up
Post by: Lovesickgrl1 on September 10, 2009, 06:22:28 AM
Me and my boyfrend are new to the sex stuff. Wed been trying for two weeks. But the last time we tried he lasted very long.I MEAN REAlly LONG. I had my first orgasm really early. and then my second. thenmy third. But when I got to my fourth. I felt myself get closer to orgasm and my whole body tightened.My pleasure became unbearable. I wasnt moaning any more I was screaming my head off. I told him to stop but he was close to his climax and probably couldnt stop if he wanted to. When i reached orgasm I couldnt move, I clucthed him and I bit down hard on his shoulder. He kept thrusting and it made it more intense. After the orgasm i still couldnt move and i was freezing. My eyes were crying. And for like 5 minutes i sat there in his arms. Then when I tried to walk to his car so he could drive me home I couldnt walk.Mylegs wouldnt move right. Theywerequivering.Hejokedand said it was just an after shock. I couldnt open my hand to open the door to my house so he had to carry me in. He put me on the bed kissed me and left. I still felt flustered so i tried to touch myself down there and as soon as I touched it I couldnt move again. Aftershock? I think not. And when I saw him at school I suddenly got wet and the quivers started again.Aftershock?Uh-uh.
When i was walking donw the street I got the Quivers. When he came to my placewestarted kissing and i mean just average kissing and when I looked down my entire  jeans was wet.He saw and asked whatsgoing on. I dont know. Is mybodyjust telling me I overdid it. When wetried again the pleasure was to muchand we HAD to stop I begged him. Should Igo t the doctor r something?Am I pregnant