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Title: Attention please. i am seeking an international cooperation
Post by: clumsygirl on February 12, 2012, 08:28:25 AM
Hi?everyone, let me introduce myself first, i am a Master, female. I study female orgasm and sex behavior.

As you know, female orgasm remains an evolutionary mystery, whatever from Freud to Kinsey, sometimes someone said G- spot really exist, and sometimes someone said G-spot never exist, the Clitoris is the only organ to give female an orgasm. but so far no one can give an conclusion for female orgasm.

What i am doing now is going to end this situation and give the truth to the public, that will be a big bomb for everyone whatever men or women, and it really open a new area in science. Due to the less instruments i have, i need someone's coorperation in characterizing the feature between female and male orgasm.

1, Male (I need do the contract experiments between your orgasm and my orgasm)
2, Master or Doctor who study sex behavior, or Neural conduction, or Brain imaging technique.
3, Who has a spirit of questioning to the old concept, not repeat word for word what others say.

I am not a porn worker, I am very sincere to invite you. This study is very important not only for women, but also for human being. it will help us to know the nature of sex. i am real the one as your sincere partner, i hope you are also the one for me. i state here we share the results of the experiments together.

any interests or questions, ask me. clumsygirls@hotmail.com