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Title: Other aspects to female orgasm
Post by: MyMOWife on February 01, 2012, 09:47:03 AM
There is much discussion on physical techniques to help your woman orgasm more but I think there is a whole other side that involves mental/physiological and emotional as well.    The old saying the mind is the biggest sex organ is so true for women.

I'll throw out a few and let's discuss.

Connection outside bedroom
-having shared passions outside bedroom

-dressing up, date night
-flirting, her feeling sexy
-long teasing escalating foreplay vs. rip her clothes off

Build up
-encouraging her to let go and be vocal
-pushing her sexual buttons

-keeping her coming

-post orgasmic bliss

Title: Re: Other aspects to female orgasm
Post by: The-Female-Orgasm on February 07, 2012, 11:42:31 AM
The mind being the biggest sex organ is so true ... and I couldn't agree more with the ideas you're putting out there to help get the mind in the right gear.  But I also think a real understanding of the female anatomy is paramount, and a true realization that every woman is different is absolutely necessary.

As I am male, some might suggest that I really know nothing about this - and that really is true on some levels.  On other levels however, I do know a little ... I have been "working" with the female orgasm for many, many years and have seen quite a lot in that time!  I founded a web site in 2003 that was/is entirely dedicated to the female orgasm, and it's popularity grew to the point that it is now most likely the largest repository of real female orgasms in the world  :)

So I have seen quite a bit, and have shown many women that "they too" can be multi-orgasmic.  But understanding the basics of the female anatomy really is key.  At the risk of "advertising" - and feel free to remove this link if it's against your policy - take a look at my white paper for starts (The-Female-Orgasm.com/whitepaper.html).