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Title: Deep vaginal orgasms
Post by: MyMOWife on February 01, 2012, 09:01:33 AM
I see some topics on G-spot orgasms which is great but not much yet on deep vaginal multiple orgasms.   The deep ones are similar in nature to their g-spot cousins in that they produce a mind blowing full body emotional orgasm and once started can be kept rolling in waves and waves of multiples.

These are not triggered from the g-spot region but come from pressure deeper in the back of the vagina.   There are many names for this zone, cul-de-sac, AFE zone, deep spot.      

My wife is a serial multi orgasmic.   She can be taken from one screaming orgasm to the next without much of any refractory period except to catch her breath a bit.    Her trigger is definitely pressure deep inside her.   I hold it deep or a mix in bit of grinding deep and then slightly backing off inch then repeating deep.   It's a very intense orgasm but it is definitely different than her clitoral orgasm.    We have to space these out because if we stack 'em too close she can't breath from coming so hard.   It's an amazing emotional full body orgasm where she goes into a trance like state.    

Age may be a factor, not sure.   She is in her 40s and although she was always very orgasmic her whole life she has reached new levels where she can come until exhaustion.  Female orgasmic ability is simply amazing.