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Title: God is not a girl
Post by: clumsygirl on January 12, 2012, 06:46:51 AM
I love the song - God is a girl by Groove Coverage, but I am afraid, from the perspective of human reproduction, God is actually not a girl. The male orgasm has never been difficult to understand in the context of its undeniable role in reproduction. But even now, in the 21st century, we are unable to give a reasonable explanation to the role of female orgasm in human reproduction. There is so little research done on female orgasm, it is like a taboo subject. Apparently, the male orgasm plays a vital biological function in reproduction, but women can conceive whether or not they orgasm. Where does it fit into evolutionary theory? What is the purpose of the female orgasm?

    According to some investigations, lots of women have never experienced orgasm, but a large number of them still become pregnant. Over the last four decades, scientists have come up with a variety of theories, one theory holds that having an orgasm increases a woman’s desire for future sexual encounters which would then lead them to reproduce, and some scientists think that orgasm helped a woman to retain sperm in her uterus by creating a kind of vacuum. This can increase her chances of conception. Some believe that the purpose of the female orgasm is to give her pleasure-period and more scientist think a woman’s orgasm has no evolutionary purpose at all.

    The key to all the problems is people haven't solved the mystery of female orgasm yet. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what is going to happen, after when women know the fact of female orgasm. For many years, the mystery of female orgasm was like Pandora's Box without opened, and it means all women have been deceived as ascetic, but taken the huge responsibility of human reproduction for all time. What are women going to choose, when the Pandora's Box of female orgasm completely open, and they know the pattern of vaginal puncture can never bring an orgasm at all, because the vaginal has no that function. Do women still want to be the Holy Land and continue to fulfill the moral obligations of human reproduction, or courage to say "No" to male orgasm, when they know men and women can never have orgasms together, because of the repulsion of every two orgasm, after every two orgasms, the body must have refractory period. It means only one can orgasm at the same time.

    Now, I start to doubt the Darwin's survival of the fittest and it is really suitable for humans? If one day we really extinct, whether we are not suited to nature any longer and nature select our extinction, or we  say "No" to ourselves. Will the women’s awakening stop human reproduction? I think human reproduction is needed, but not at the expense of women's rights for the price. We should figure out love is love, sex is sex, child is child, marriage is marriage. Maybe one day reproduction also can happen between same-sex, after all it is theoretically feasible.

    I am really a troublemaker. The world is upside down, and only I stay awake, so I am upside down in the eyes of the worlds. I hope the biggest mystery can be opened to the public as soon as possible.