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Title: Men' cheating is inevitable.
Post by: clumsygirl on October 31, 2011, 08:10:41 AM

Men' cheating is inevitable.

Today I want to take you to explore a controversial topic. Is cheating inevitable among men? One proverb “There is nothing in a man's mind except sex”, but almost all men defend themselves “Most males cheat… Not all, I am an exception.” Those are all bullshit. I really want to know how many exceptions in the end? Frankly speaking, there is no one exception. Even if a man really did not cheat in the body (impossible), he also thought about other women during sex life.

Due to all men are not immune, there must have some natural reasons men can’t resist. The problem is not in men, and it must be in women. I think all women want to know what the most common reasons men are unfaithful and what lead up to husband cheating and having an affair.

All Women, you don’t need to blame yourselves. That is not because you are not good enough, even if you are the best woman in the world, your husband also will cheat on you. That is mainly you two don’t share the same values about sex. The fundamental reason is women can’t separate sex and love. Tracing the source of this question, why women can’t separate sex and love, but why men can. Women put "sex" into a very important and sacred place, but in men's view, sex is just a once ejaculation for once relax. They will have to release for many times in their lives, they think sex is an important and inevitable thing, but they don't think once ejaculation with different people is a big deal. The core of this issue is women can’t get orgasm easily like men, and women still can’t figure out what exactly the female orgasm is, and they are still be deceived. That is human nature. If women understand the truth, they also have an affair like men. It's as same as food. You can’t eat only one food for your whole life, even you like it very much, and other food even you don’t like them, but you want to have a change and freshness.

I think one day, the revelation that women can get orgasm easily as same as men is going to astonish all people around the world. Women can understand why her husband cheated on her. Maybe something will change the current system in society, but I am sure it will be in a good direction which enables people to release nature.