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Title: Cunnilingus Orgasms
Post by: gdmon9 on December 19, 2010, 01:57:44 PM
I have always wondered about this one story I will briefly share. It's maybe a little gross, but kind of funny, so don't be afraid to laugh.
A few years ago, when I was twenty years old and working at a summer camp, I became involved with this one girl there. We started sleeping together and I wanted to gain more experience of course, especially in eating pussy. So one day, we were in her room, and I went down on her. I don't think we'd actually had sex at this point, and she was very insistent about not making noise because she didn't want to upset other people. I suppose these two factors contributed to my uncertainty about what followed. I didn't have any real technique at this point, so I just licked and slobbered everywhere, got my face right in there, fingered her a little. And she was panting a little and moving her legs around and enjoying it, but eventually I stopped licking her, because I was just tired of it, and as far as I could see, it could just go on forever.
So shortly afterward, we got dressed and went outside and had a cigarette. My girlfriend laughed and told me that I had stuff on my face. I couldn't even feel anything and though Oh wow. So I went to the nearest bathroom and sure enough, there was this long white streak of what looked like cum on my cheek. I washed it off, but ever since then have wondered: did this mean I gave her an orgasm? Because she never went absolutely wild or anything, and I didn't feel her ejaculate. I might have just rubbed my face up against her vagina and gotten it wet. But if she was wet enough to make a big stain on my face, then had she reached some sort of orgasm? I still don't know. Later in our relationship, I was eating her out again and that time she really did cum, as she confirmed to me, but it wasn't nearly as wet. Let me know your thoughts.

Title: Re: Cunnilingus Orgasms
Post by: KatherineL on January 01, 2011, 09:41:56 AM
Those are not ejaculation per se like a man.  Because during intense arousal (not necessarily orgasm), women does eject vaginal enzyme, sometimes in the form of whitish substance.  When women ejaculates from the gland similar to male's prostate, they are clear transparent.  Technically the white substance (sperm, a very expensive biological toll made from zinc) is what impregnates women's egg at conception, it's different than the clear semen from the prostate.  The semen from the prostate without the mixture of white sperm is actually clear transparent - although some people use the term semen as the entire ejaculation with mixture of sperm but technically sperm and semen are two separate sources.  Your girlfriend may not have an orgasm based on your description.  If you like to learn more about female ejaculation, you can google key word "syntribate" and you'll find my site all over the first page search result.  It's a paradise for sex education for both men and women.  Good luck!